Mute Body — Gruppenausstellung der Runde 59 PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program

Emmeline Joy Morris (AU), Lóa Sunnudóttir (IS), J Jiang (CN), Katya Granova (RU/UA/UK), Anai Salem (IL), Madison Hope Reid (CA), Eunjin Kim (KR), Sudi Wang (CN/US), Leonie Rittscher (UK/US), Filipa Pontes (PT), Elena Hüning (DE)

What is a body without sound? Can a living figure continue in complete silence? 'mute BODY' is the final chapter of this collective exploration. The last phase of this residency experience compliments the journey which was built upon the groundwork laid in the initial first chapter, 'windy HOME'. Their interconnection begins with the dissection of the concept of BODY into its prime parts. It is one of the basic and most complex elements of humankind's existence, our BODY is also our first home. In an attempt to find one's understanding, the individual reconstructs themselves and their corporeality in different ways and a volume of varying intensity. Each identity story and our representation echo our perspective on life. As a silenced BODY resonates with inequality and invisibility perpetuated and still ongoing by diverse forms of domination in history. 'mute BODY' becomes a celebration of the beauty of all bodies and beings. With it the moment of solace will come and inhabit the space. A mind map will be presented, encompassing references, inspirations, and all elements composing the artists' and curators' reflective production.

Curators: Mathilde Castaignède - KUSSE Berlin (FR), Hanna Tokaj (PL)
  • Vernissage,